About us

Bruce and Sharon Madison came to Belize looking for an exquisite location to build their dream boutique resort in the Caribbean. They were looking for a place that boasts raw beauty, a place untouched by commercialism and stress.  Their hopes were fulfilled when they came to Placencia. Nestled on two acres of Caribbean seafront, what is now known as Mariposa Beach Resort, was exactly what they were looking for. 

Not only was Placencia itself idyllic as a burgeoning tourist destination, with its friendly community, lively beach bars and infamous sidewalk, but they found Belize on the whole had so much to offer.  It was a natural playground for their guests in both the sea and the jungle! Since opening their doors in 2014, the founders of Mariposa have embraced village life. With a commitment to educating and empowering an all Belizean hospitality team, they have been embraced right back.

Over the past five years, Bruce and Sharon have continued to grow and improve Mariposa at every turn. They now boast an inventory of three Seafront Beach Suites, 6 Luxury Treehouses and an Executive Penthouse Suite that overlooks the Carribbean Sea. They have recently added a commercial kitchen to service their outdoor thatch roofed restaurant and Breezeway Pool Bar and have plans for further expansion in the coming years. 

With a passion for the Placencia Humane Society (and several rescues living onsite), Mariposa is a pet-friendly resort welcoming all guests- from the local family looking for an exquisite meal to a traveling couple seeking relaxation and adventure. 

Feel free to reach out to Bruce and Sharon directly at 011-501-523-4474.  Email inquiries can be sent to [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you and being  your home away from home in Belize in Placencia, Belize!