The Garifunas are one of the remaining African ethnic groups in Caribbean and Latin America who have retained their cultural distinction and traditions.
Garifuna Settlement Reenactment Day takes place on November 19th. This day is in memory of the date when the Garifuna landed on Belizean shores in 1823, where they could live in peace and reestablish their roots. As of today, there is still a large population of Garifunas located in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and the United States. 
With the large Garifuna village, Seine Bight, just north of Placencia Village, Garifuna Settlement Reenactment Day is quite a cultural event for Placencia. 
On this day, there is a festive celebration with local drumming, dancing and mouthwatering Garifuna dishes. Since Mariposa is located between the Village of Placencia and Seine Bight, Mariposa is the perfect place to stay for this occasion.

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