The Placencia peninsula is a very special area of Belize and one that Mariposa Bed And Breakfast is very happy to be near to. Once a site of an influx of immigrants from Nova Scotia, torn apart by Central American civil wars in the early 1800s and rebuilt once more in the late 19th Century, Placenica has been through a lot to come out as beautiful as it is. The area has survived Hurricane Iris and the 145mph winds that came with it. Much of the area was was demolished, but thanks to the hard work of its residents and a booming tourism trade Placencia has bounced back again into a bustling beautiful example of Belize’s power over the human spirit.

Placencia is a great mix of mangrove forests and pristine white sand beaches, two of Belize’s most diverse and identifiable features. The water off the beaches houses snorkeling rich reefs, wonderful fishing opportunities and even the chance to swim side by side with the mighty Whale Shark. The forests shelter unbelievable hiking trails to waterfalls and hidden Mayan treasures. Placencia has them both in such ample supply that it is very easy to visit both charms within the same day.

Placencia and the small surrounding areas that make up the peninsula are home to an estimated 3,500 residents. Locals and tourists alike revel in the most tropical of climates Belize has to offer. Placencia often stays between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit year round, moderated by sea breezes and cooler temperatures inland to the Maya Mountain range.

Placencia is host to many wonderful festivals, tournaments and parades that all show off the area’s dedication to the Belize lifestyle. From fishing tournaments to art and music festivals, Placencia has no end to the fun it offers all who visit it.

Mariposa Belize Beach Bed And Breakfast is a great place to stay while you explore the Placencia area. Come visit us!