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For many of us, December is a month that brings to mind frigid temperatures, the stresses of the holidays, and the potential for snowfall to throw things into chaos. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The seasons are flipped when you move to the Southern Hemisphere, but Belize has the special distinction of being particularly close to the equator. That — combined with the close proximity of the Caribbean Sea — is a climate that has highs in the 80’s throughout the year and a pleasant breeze that makes it feel all the more pleasant.

Every Door Open to You

In fact, a lot of people have already realized what an opportunity Belize offers to get away from the chaos of the holiday season. December is one of the most popular months for tourists — and while that means that the country is a bit more crowded with foreigners, it also means that the industry itself is in full gear. In other words, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any opportunities because of off season closures.

So what does that entail? Imagine horseback riding through the jungle, hiking inside dark caves once believed to be a gateway to the afterlife, and tubing down subterranean rivers in a single afternoon. Or picture scuba diving or snorkeling alongside the world’s second largest barrier reef, enjoying an afternoon fishing on the deck of a boat, and then having your catch cleaned and cooked expertly for your dinner. Or maybe you’re more interested in exploring the jungle ruins of the lost Maya kingdom, seeing firsthand how cacao is formed into chocolate, and learning firsthand how to play drums in the way of the indigenous Garifuna people. All of those things are possible in Belize. It’s just about positioning yourself somewhere you can most conveniently experience everything you want.

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The Best Place to Explore Belize From

There’s arguably no place more ideal to tourists than the peninsula of Placencia. Placencia offers beachfront extending for 15 miles and a quaint fishing village that can provide you with access to the nearby barrier reef and cayes. But you’re also not too far from major cultural centers like Hopkins Village and Dangriga and the major attractions of the interior.

The Best Place to Stay in Belize

If you’re ready to book your vacation in Belize, look to Mariposa Beach Resort. As one of the most beloved resorts in Placencia, Mariposa is ready to roll out the red carpet for you and create a vacation plan that’s suited to the specific needs of you. Whether you’re visiting as a family, a bachelor, or a couple — and whether or not you’re visiting in December or in 2022 — Mariposa can arrange for all the details.