Belize Beach Vacation in Placencia

Just because all of the department stores are blasting holiday songs on their speaker systems and setting up snow machines for their in-store Santa Clauses doesn’t mean that your winter needs to be white and frigid. Because while it’s winter where you are, it’s summer for half of the world. And for the country of Belize, perfect proximity ensures that there are highs in the 80s practically all year long. Everyone deserves a little sun this summer, and the village of Placencia is happy to oblige.

The Perfect Climate

December comes shortly after the wet season in Belize, and the resulting climate conditions are as best as they are all year. Rain is uncommon in December, and the days are both long and bright. In fact, the average temperature throughout the month is a warm but manageable 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Beach as Far as the Eye Can See

December’s perfect conditions make it peak tourist season for Belize, but the Placencia Peninsula has enough beach for everyone. 16 miles long but only a half mile wide, residents of Placencia are always within walking distance to a beach. Whether you’re looking to party on the sand in the heart of town or find a secluded stretch of shore for you and that special someone, Placencia can oblige you even at its most crowded.

The Opportunity to Make New Traditions

If you’re growing tired of presents in front of the tree, a holiday trip to Belize can help you experience and adopt new holiday traditions you can bring home with you. Rum popo’s ingredients will be familiar to anyone who’s tried egg nog, but its flavor is unique to Belize. And given that the people of Belize love a good festival, you’ll find plenty of chances to mix it up with the locals during your stay. The nearby Hopkins Village is the best way to see the fascinating song and dance ceremonies of the Afro-Caribbean Garifuna people.

Finding the Right Place to Stay

Belize can be busy during the winter months, and that’s why it’s especially crucial to find the right place to set up camp. Mariposa Beach Resort offers the best of Belize without the inconveniences. Whether you’re looking to jump head first into the local tours and excursions or do things at your own pace, Mariposa can provide you and your family with an affordable way to enjoy the holidays in style.