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    “We are here to stay and would love to share what we
    have created with other individuals who have similar dreams”.

    “When we decided to move to another country one of the top reasons was to find a
    place that we could enjoy our goldens years,” says Sharon Maddison about her and
    her husband, Bruce’s move to Placencia, Belize. “We were looking for a place that
    was warm and good for our health, a place where we would meet new people that

    are authentic and fun to be around.”

    Having spent decades in Corporate Management in Calgary, Canada, Bruce and
    Sharon were eager to open a boutique resort in a better climate. “I personally lost
    who I was when I spent 30 years in the corporate world – I needed this change,”

    says Sharon.

    “We decided to check out Belize because it was a British Commonwealth country
    and, being from Canada, that made us comfortable. Knowing that the banking
    system was stable and that it was English speaking were bonuses as well”.
    They purchased the land their small beach resort is now on in 2013, after it had been
    in foreclosure for five years. A quick trip back to Canada to tie up loose ends and
    they drove to Houston, shipping their belongings (dogs included!) the rest of the
    way to Belize. It took nine months of renovations to clean up the existing structures,
    which would act as their primary rental units and add the restaurant. They opened

    Mariposa Beach Resort on January 20th 2014.

    After a successful 6 years in business, with one expansion under their belt, Bruce
    and Sharon are now ready to expand again and are looking to share their dream

    with others through selling fractional shares in their resort.
    “I really hope that others find themselves like we have. No more rat race or
    competing with the Jones. Having minimal materialistic things. Where it’s more
    about family, good food and drink, adventure and appreciating raw nature of
    things. I love that instead of saying ‘I wish we did’, we can now say “WE DID IT and


    Fractional Ownership at Mariposa Beach Suites

    Mariposa Beach Resort is a beach suite getaway on the Caribbean Sea. Located in Placencia, Belize, you will find it to be a memorable and beautiful stay. Get in touch with us to learn about fractional ownership! Phone us in Belize at 501-523-4474

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