Tours & Activities

Belize boasts the largest living barrier reef in the entire world and has the largest underground cave system in Central America.  It’s home to the only Jaguar Reserve in the world, houses a still unknown number of Maya Ruins, incredible waterfalls, three atolls, hundreds of islands, dense rainforest and the Great Blue Hole.  It’s a diver’s paradise, a sailor’s harbor and a fisherman’s friend. 

Let Mariposa coordinate your tours and adventures with pick up and drop off at the resort! It would be our pleasure to make any and all arrangements for you as we have trusted partners and know all the ins and outs. Here are some ideas below:





Whether you’re looking for a full luxurious spa day or a simple massage from a trusted local, everything from cacao body wraps to facials and mani/pedis can be arranged for you. Treatments typically start at $100 USD

Mini Golf

Placencia has its own mini golf course Sirenian Bay! Allow us to make a reservation for you & your loved ones to tee off and play your 18 holes.  Be sure to have a snack at their restaurant or enjoy their Tutti Frutti gelato bar as a treat. Bowling- This is a great activity for the odd rainy day in Placencia or if you just want to have some fun out of the sun. Jaguar Lanes is located in Maya Beach, about 10 minutes North of Mariposa.  Let us reserve you a lane!



Car Rental

You may decide you want to go exploring on your own. Placencia has some great car rental options that will help you get to Maya King waterfall or the Cockscomb Basin. Let us know if you’re looking to drive yourself!


If the puddle jumper doesn’t appeal to you, or you’re looking to see the sights by land, shuttles can be arranged for you between Placencia and Belize City.  

Golf Cart

This is a great way to get around Placencia! With the breeze in your hair and no option but to take the day on island time, let us reserve you a cart that is reliable and a fair price.  



Cultural Tours

From climbing Maya Ruins, to making chocolate on a cacao farm or getting a cooking lesson from a local, There are so many ways we can enable you to experience the culture of Belize. Let us know what part of the culture you’d like to experience and we can sure you’re connected with the right opportunity. 

Snorkelling & Diving

You can’t come all the way to Belize and not snorkel/scuba dive the largest living reef in the world!  Whether you’re a group of experienced divers and snorkelers, looking for both island time and a snorkel, or just looking to give diving a try, et us help you weed through the options and ensure you’re matched with the right experience on the water for this incredible adventure.


There are different levels of luxury when it comes to sailing from Placencia. Let us guide you through your choices and connect you with the sailing experience that suits you best- whether its an all inclusive day following the wind, heading out to a white sandy beach with a flute of champagne or a private charter for you and your family. 

Land Tours

From zip lining over the canopy of the jungle, to riding a tube through a cave, taking a guiding to boating down the Monkey River and dining in a local family’s home.  zip lining, cave tubing or a water falls are all something we can arrange for your party to do- just let us know what peaks your interest!

Island Adventure

You have loads of island options! Tell us what you’re looking for out of your day and we’ll match you with the best island adventure for you- whether its a full restaurant and bar that appeals to you, paddle boards and hammocks or really good snorkeling from shore, let us arrange the perfect day on a Caribbean island to compliment your stay at Mariposa.  


Inner reef, deep sea and fly fishing are you options from Placencia. You can go with a local captain or a larger, professional outfit.  Let us know what matters to you most with your fishing experience and we’ll help you catch the day of a lifetime.