Best Transportation Options To Placencia Belize

No visit to Belize is complete without a visit to the wonderful beaches of the Placencia Peninsula. Located at the southern tip of the country, Placencia is the epitome of a tropical paradise with its swaying palms, lush lagoon and unspoiled beachfront. Staying in Placencia gives you the perfect place to explore the rest of Belize.

From Belize City to Placencia

The distance from the airport in Belize City is almost 160 miles. Here’s a guide to the various options.

Taxis: It’s easy to jump into a taxi and head for Placencia, but a couple of warnings are in order. Because it’s a long trip, you should negotiate the price before you get in. Taxis are an expensive form of transportation in Belize. Make sure your taxi has an official government license plate and be prepared to share the ride. Sharing taxis is a common practice here.

Car rental: You can rent a car at the airport, but this is a costly way to get around. Gas is also more expensive in Belize than it is in the US or Canada. Be prepared for roads that might be unlit and unpaved. Placencia is completely walkable, so you won’t need a car while you’re here. In fact, a rental car might be an unnecessary expense.

Shared or private shuttle: This is a safe, comfortable way to travel that’s affordable compared to a taxi. You also avoid the hazards of driving because you’ll have your own driver who’s used to the roads here. That allows you to sit back and enjoy the incredible scenery that will amaze you for the entire three-hour journey. You can hire a shuttle service through a tour company or transportation outfitter. Some hotels provide their own shuttle services.

Local airline: Placencia has its own airstrip, making it easy to fly here. The local airlines Tropic Air and Maya Island Air operate several flights a day to Placencia. The flight gives you a bird’s eye view of the country and takes about 30 minutes.

Bus: The most economical way to get to Placencia is by bus. The buses are large and comfortable. This is a good way to save some money, but there are only two bus departures a day, so check and double-check the schedule. The bus journey takes about five hours.

Where to Stay Once You Get Here

Once you arrive in Placencia, there is no better place to stay than the award-winning, Mariposa Beach Resort. Our unique vacation packages let you experience the best of gorgeous, wonderful southern Belize.