flights to Belize in 2021

Belize is a small, yet beautiful, Central American country that sits on the eastern shore of the Caribbean Sea. You will find beautiful sands and beaches, dense jungles full of vegetation, popular historical sites, and warm towns and villages throughout the country. Unfortunately, the pandemic has dampened travel plans for many, but thankfully, there are still flights going to the country if you were to plan a trip in 2021.

American Airlines

American Airlines has the most methods to help you get to Belize in 2021. You can catch a flight from Miami, Dallas, Charlotte or Los Angeles. This is one of the most trusted airlines around, so look into tickets for flights before they are gone!

Delta Air Lines

Delta is another popular American company that can get you to Belize in a hurry. Currently, there is only one location available to fly out of, however. You do have to go to Atlanta in order to arrive in Belize on a Delta flight.

Sun Country

Sun Country is a smaller airline that not many individuals have heard of, but it still has great options for you. Due to the pandemic, there is also only one location offering flights to Belize. Arrive in Minneapolis, and you can board your Sun Country plane to the country.


United is one of the largest airlines in the world, making it a great option for your trip to Belize. There are over five airports that are offering flights to you including Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Newark, and Houston. In fact, United is also offering flights from Denver and Los Angeles to Belize for the first time in 2021!


You can also arrive in Belize from another central American country if you were to get a connecting flight. Guatemala City airport is offering flights to the country through TAG airlines for 2021.

Tropic Air

Tropic Air is an airline that is based in Belize and can take you to many other Central American countries as well. Book a destination to Cancun or to Honduras, for instance, while you are in Belize.

Get Packing!

It is time to start packing for your trip, especially now that you know there are still airlines to take you to beautiful Belize. Be sure to consider staying in Placencia, Belize at the beautiful Mariposa Beach Resort, where all of your needs for relaxation will be taken care of.