Placencia Belize Weather

Belize is a country in the coastal part of Central America. It lures numerous tourists from across the world due to its multiple featured islands and subtropical weather that is moderated by the sea breezes. Placencia is one of the most popular destinations in Belize, and its white-sand beaches are quite a welcoming factor for everyone who wants to relax their mind and have fun.

Now, before you travel to Placencia, get to understand the average weather conditions so as to decide the best time to visit based on your preferences. The climate seasons in Placencia are categorized by times of dryness, wetness, precipitation, and humidity. Which climate condition favors you more?

In Average;

The summer season tends to be long and quite warm, obviously; it starts in mid-May to mid-October. The warmest it can be is 88°F, while the coolest it can be during summer is 79°F. The winter is a bit short, starting from early December to late February. The lowest temperatures you can experience is 68°F.

Placencia has a green season that runs from June to November every year. However, most rainy days are experienced in the months of September and October. It mostly rains at night. The main reason why precipitation occurs at Placencia is the availability of tropical storms and hurricanes. The last time the community experienced a major hurricane, Hurricane Iris, was in the year 2001 — this means that the likelihood of a colossal storm or hurricane is very low.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Placencia?

If you want to visit Placencia to enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, or fishing, visit between mid-December and late April. For pool and beach fun, which is a significant tourist attraction in Placencia, plan your trip between these months as well. Most people prefer going on vacation during the rainless days.

However, you can also visit Placencia during the months of June to October to enjoy diving, snorkeling, and the opening of the Belize lobster season. The good thing is that Placencia is never too cold for you to have the fun of your life. However, May would be among the hottest months to visit the village if you hate hot weather since it is the warmest. 

The most crowded months by tourists in Placencia are December to March. The impact is that flights and hotel prices hike in these months. Luckily you can always pay for these services in advance before the price exaggeration begins. The least crowded month is September and hence the cheapest month to secure a trip to Placencia.

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