Relaxation & Family Adventure in Placencia Belize

Placencia, Belize is a very popular destination in Belize for travelers on the southeastern coast. It still holds much of the charm that it has had for years, with pedestrian-only sidewalks, small fishing boats, and colorful artwork throughout. It is the perfect location to relax and unwind, while also offering many opportunities for adventures throughout.

Relaxation Awaits

Placencia, overall, is a very relaxing village for you to enjoy with your family. It is home to some of the best beaches in Belize for you to soak in the rays while your children play in the sand or in the waves nearby. Plus, the water is so relaxing to sit in front of or to wade in as it has shining turquoise waters for you to view. It is a quiet place to be as well as there are only around 2,000 residents in the village of Placencia itself.

See the Caribbean Sea

The Belize Barrier Reef is very close to Placencia and it offers many opportunities for you to explore with your whole family. Enjoy activities where you can go scuba diving or can go snorkeling and enjoy the marine life that waits for you underwater. You can also fish in the Caribbean Sea that is close by, whether you go on a deep fishing tour or go fly fishing in the shallow waters. Be sure to consider taking a sailboat into the waters to see what awaits you among the waves.

Partake in Nature Adventures

There are many land adventures near Placencia. Visit Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary to explore the depths of the forest for yourself and with your loved ones. There are chances that you may even encounter a jaguar as this area does work as a wildlife preserve for this species that calls Belize its home. You can also explore Monkey River where you can search for howler monkeys, go on manatee sightings; explore nature trails and so much more.

Placencia is such a beautiful location in Belize for you to visit and has many opportunities for you and your family. Whether you are looking for relaxation or adventure, it is the perfect location for you and your loved ones. Book your trip with Mariposa Beach Resort to Placencia Belize today!