best solo trip to placencia belize

Solo travel is a wonderful experience. People who do it regularly say it’s incredibly liberating, empowering and just plain fun. Belize is an excellent destination for solo travelers who are looking for something unique and adventurous.

Stay Where It’s Safe

Safety is a big concern for any traveler, and it’s especially important when you’re traveling by yourself. Belize is a safe country with a stable government and an economy that depends on tourism. Incidents of violent crime are rare.

You can avoid trouble if you use common sense and stay in the popular, tourist-friendly areas. These are the islands of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, the inland town of San Ignacio, and the beaches of the Placencia Peninsula. Although these are popular areas, they rarely get overcrowded.

Staying in Placencia gives you access to the most beautiful beaches in Belize. It’s also close to many of the top attractions in Belize.

Choose Your Season

There’s never a bad time to visit Belize.

Some solo travelers prefer going during the off season, when they’re not fighting crowds or getting lost in a large tour group. In Belize, the off season is from June through November. If you want lower prices and smaller crowds, that’s the best time to go.

On the other hand, if you want to be among friendly crowds while everything’s bustling and the weather is perfect, go during the busy season, which is January through April.

Join Tours and Group Excursions

Even if you’re solo, you’ll find it easier and more convenient to enjoy Belize’s many wonderful places by taking a tour. Most of the good hotels have their own tour services that include transportation, fees and equipment. They’ll depart right from your hotel and take you to:

  • Belize’s fascinating, ancient Maya ruins.
  • Jungle adventures like zip-lining and cave tubing.
  • Snorkeling at the Belize Barrier Reef.
  • A chocolate plantation or a spice farm.
  • Deep, mysterious caves.
  • Wildlife sanctuaries, forest preserves and national parks.

Stay at a Belize Beach Resort

When you travel solo, nothing beats a resort with top-flight amenities where all your travel needs are taken care of. At the Mariposa Beach Resort, solo travelers get a warm welcome and a truly relaxing vacation.

Instead of worrying about where you’re going to stay, where you’re going to eat and how to get to all your activities, you can kick back and have another tropical drink while we take care of everything. You’ll enjoy great dining options, gorgeous accommodations, tours, transportation and exclusive use of our private beachfront.

It’s the easiest, most enjoyable way to travel solo.

Mariposa Beach Resort Welcomes Solo Travelers

You’ll find a warm welcome at our Belize all-inclusive resort. We’ll make sure you have an unforgettable experience in Belize.