Things to do in Placencia Belize

The Placencia Peninsula is essentially just 16 miles of beaches from end to end, and the view of the glittering Caribbean Sea and the assorted islands in the distance is truly enchanting. But there’s a lot more to do in Placencia than just gaze out onto the beach. Here’s the nine things you must do on your visit.

Walk among the jaguars at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s the world’s first jaguar preserve and one of the most beautiful stretches of unspoiled wilderness in Belize.

Meet the locals of Monkey River. While you’ll meet plenty of wonderful people in the village of Monkey River, most people are more interested in the howler monkeys they’ll encounter while cruising down the waterway.

Soak up the sun in the middle of town. The municipal pier is positioned in the heart of the village, and many people set up their own picnics here. And since it’s in such close proximity, you can be sure that the beach itself will be free of seaweed.

Check out the nightlife. The Tipsy Strip gets its name from the popular restaurant Tipsy Tuna, but it’s home to a decent selection of restaurants, shops, and bars. It’s the perfect place to people watch at any time, but the neighborhood has distinctly different vibes at night vs. during the day.

Go for a deep dive. Scuba diving is one of the most popular activities for both residents and visitors to Placencia, but the most popular attraction is the ability to go diving with whale sharks. But even if you don’t come during the right season for that, there are dive sites for every experience level within close proximity to Placencia Village.

Explore the islands. There are over 400 islands off the coast of Belize, and many of them are very accessible to Placencia. Tours allow you to charter a boat and see the unique sights and wildlife that a handful of different islands offer.

Go fishing. Some seafood — like spiny lobster and conch — are restricted to fishing by season, but there’s always something worth catching off the coast of Placencia. Whether you’re looking to just set up over the pier or charter a boat, you’ll find plenty of options.

Check out Seine Village. Placencia is a pleasant village in its own right, but Seine Village is the best place to become acquainted with the local Garifuna people.

There’s enough to do in Placencia that you could just stay indefinitely and never get bored. But whether you’re here for a weekend or you’re considering making a move, Mariposa Beach Resort provides the best hospitality and the most convenient access to everything worth doing in Placencia.