things to know about placencia belize

Raise your hand if you’ve read about Belize, are favorably impressed, but you have no clue where in Belize to vacation. Consider the Placencia peninsula, the trendiest of all Belize destinations. We reveal 7 reasons to make this your holiday destination. You’re welcome to share this hot spot with friends or keep it a secret just for yourself!

1. Placencia offers two beach options

Frolic in the surf on the Caribbean side of the peninsula or swim on the lagoon side where you could spot a shy manatee. Both are options when you choose Placencia as you vacation destination. Beaches on both coasts are extraordinary, which is why they are always among the top 10 Central American beaches when travel experts make comparisons.

2. Placencia is small and manageable

At only 16 miles long, you don’t have to spend half of your vacation time driving to sites because you can walk to Placencia Village, swim, snorkel, dive, and generally follow the peninsula’s “no shirt, no shoes, no worries” mantra for the duration of your stay. Take a selfie on the “sidewalk,” listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the narrowest main street on Earth.

3. Placencia is warm year-round

Your work and social schedule probably don’t allow you to take time off any time you like for a holiday, but Placencia doesn’t care when you come because the weather is always hospitable. As a tropical nation, rainy days are inevitable, but most resort, entertainment, and activity options offer deals that make a little rainwater no big deal. This can be especially meaningful if half of your garage hosts snow removal equipment!

4. Placencia gives you access to the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System

A visit to the second-largest coral reef on Planet Earth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just off the coast of Placencia, the reef is best seen on an excursion hosted by one of the best resorts on the peninsula: Mariposa Beach Resort. Book a package to avail yourself of proximity to the reef while experiencing the best of Belize.

5. Placencia is home to limitless sightseeing experiences

This former fishing village is a natural wonders mecca. Visitors sojourn in close proximity to not-to-be-missed sites that include ancient Maya ruins, caves, Cockscomb Nature Reserve, and the Maya King Waterfall. Access to jungles, rainforests, and activities like zip-lining are all on the Mariposa Beach tour menu.

6. Placencia is a cultural wonderland

Live music, great eateries, indigenous artisans showcasing their creative undertakings, and street vendors happy to show off their wares will seal your suspicion that these are the friendliest people you’ve ever met while traveling abroad. You wouldn’t be the first visitor to indulge your inner musician by learning to play drums from a member of the area’s Garifuna community.

7. Sleep in a Placencia treehouse when you visit!

These lodgings look like jungle palaces from the outside. Inside, environs match 5-star hotel suites. Wouldn’t you rather explore Placencia from one of these heavenly nests? Health and hygiene protocols have earned this boutique resort Gold Standard certifications for putting into practice social distancing, touch-free check-in, temperature checks and other reassuring health and safety precautions so your visit is worry-free.

Intrigued? You should be. This is the vacation you have earned and waited for. Spend it at the most welcoming resort in Placencia where everything you crave is at your fingertips.