Top Reasons to Make Mariposa Beach Resort Your Post-COVID-19 Vacation Destination

While the world is reeling from a terrible pandemic, things will improve. Once things calm down and herd immunity takes root, people can start going out and doing things like taking a vacation. Mariposa Beach Resort happens to be one of the best places you could choose as a vacation destination and we have 4 reasons why.

1. Mariposa Beach Resort Is Safe

While caution is always an issue with this pandemic, Belize has only had 21 recorded cases. Lastly, Placencia in southern Belize has been entirely free of the virus and it will no doubt remain clear through the government’s proactive approach to testing and quarantine.

2. Mariposa Beach Resort Makes Social Distancing Easy

We offer beachfront spots over a wide range of building types, allowing you to enjoy the jaw-dropping vistas without being crowded. If you would like to stay separate from other guests, we can make that happen. Since COVID-19 lockdown orders were first placed, our staff continually worked on sanitation and operations so that guests can have the best and safest experience possible. You can expect the best of care.

3. Mariposa Beach Resort Has It All

With the sheer array of accommodations and amenities plus partnerships with local tour companies, Mariposa Beach Resort is more than able to assist you in making your trip anything and everything you hope it can be. Whether your aspirations are intimacy and romance in a treehouse or a massive family reunion in a luxury suite, we can cover your needs. Additionally, our tour connections can give you plenty of creative packages that entail a wide array of activities on the land and sea. Whether you prefer to book separately or bundle everything into one massive package, we optimize the fun and memories of your vacation.

4. Mariposa Beach Resort Puts Guest Needs First

One last point in Mariposa Beach Resort’s favor is that we regard ourselves as the top travel partner. Whether you are looking for a vacation spot or have a milestone celebration in mind, we personalize every guest’s experience and are more than willing to advise and recommend things if you ask. When you arrive, you can relax knowing that you will have a dedicated concierge, experienced staff and involved owners more than able to handle any question or request.

If you have found yourself longing to see the Caribbean once life returns to normalcy, consider making Mariposa Beach Resort a priority. We are remote in all of the best ways and can promise that you will have a wonderful Belize vacation.