Monkeying Around

Monkey River

This Belize freshwater river tour takes you to the South of Placencia to Monkey River Town Belize. Upon entering the mouth of the river, you will witness manatees cruising by, further up the river, you get to see many species of birds such as toucans, making this tour a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Its namesake comes from the fact that you will hear the majestic roar of the howler monkeys from a distance, as well as see them swinging from the trees just off the banks of the river.  Much of Monkey River has been declared a Special Conservation Area.

Our Monkey River eco tours cruise further up the river where you will be able to hike over newly cut trails in the rainforest and get a close-up view of many of the animals that call this fascinating river, home, such as crocodiles and iguanas, just to name a few.

What to Bring on the tour?

  • Walking shoes (runners etc.)
  • Towel from Mariposa
  • Change of clothes
  • Bug spray
  • Long pants are best
  • Sunshades (glasses and hat)