Chocolate Tour & Waterfall

In the history of Belize, chocolate has been at the center of agriculture trade for centuries. In ancient times, believed to be “food of the Gods” by the Mayas, they have passed on their beliefs and knowledge from generation to generation.

Here at IXCACAO, is like a living Maya museum that offers the best of the real Maya culture with its authenticity. You’ll experience the traditional way of making chocolate using the simplest of tools as the Mayas did thousands of years ago. Local farmers lead the way, offering a complete history of growing and farming organic cacao. You’ll learn about the processes from planting to the finishing touches. You’ll even make your own chocolate bar!

Whether roasting your own beans on the clay griddle or grinding your beans on the metate, this tour is magical as you witness and partake in sampling all the different chocolate bars and beverages, they have available. The gift shop makes it very convenient to purchase sample packages, powders and oils to take back home. This tour has a very welcoming feeling as villagers open their homes to help us to understand more about their culture. It’s a great day, very educational and filled with fun and exciting activities. Top off the day with a refreshing swim with a stop at the waterfalls.

  • Water shoes & Bathing Suit
  • Towel from Mariposa
  • Change of clothes
  • Bug spray
  • Long pants are best
  • Sunshades (glasses and hat)